Tip of the Week - #040 (Take Time to Be Friendly with your Priority Dispatch Driver)

Keywords: complaints, Priority Dispatch

All delivery stops should have at least 1 person who knows who the driver is and can relate to them on a daily basis to find out changes in scheduling or personnel. Your driver is the best person to work with when you have changes of your own. Make sure he or she knows when you have library closings, or other changes that may affect their ability to pick up or deliver materials to your site. If you are unsatisfied with the service, your driver is the first person you should speak with.

If this doesn't work for you, you can contact your Regional Sort Center Manager to work out any issues you have. To find out who your Regional Sort Center manager is go to:
https://www.ohiolink.edu/content/circulation_and_ill_staff_information and scroll down to the Contacts section and click on Priority Dispatch Contact Information.

If talking to your driver or Regional Sort Center manager does not resolve problems, then please contact the Priority Dispatch central office using the Priority Dispatch Delivery Issues Form.
A copy of this goes to the administrators at Priority Dispatch with a copy also going to Theda at OhioLINK who will make sure your issue is followed up on.

Make friends, be happy!