Tip of the Week - #050 (Managing OhioLINK materials on the Hold Shelf)

Upon receipt: check in the item. Make sure the name on the paging slip matches the name on the screen. Write the patron's name clearly, last name first, on the unused portion of the paging slip. Write the last day the item may be picked up (5 days from date of receipt for media [see tip # 69], 10 days from date of receipt for everything else). DO NOT check items out to the patron until the patron actually comes to pick them up, except in exceptional cases (such as you are routing or delivering the material to them).

Clearing OhioLINK items from the hold shelf in Millennium:

  • select “clear holdshelf”
  • select “show INN-Reach holdshelf”
  • select location to clear
  • select “display”

    clear expired holds and holdshelf

  • Click on the column header to sort the report as desired
  • Print the report
  • Pull the materials from the hold shelves
  • Close the window
  • Select “INN-Reach”
  • Select “return item”

    INN-Reach - Return Unwanted Item

  • Key or scan barcodes from the items to be returned
  • Print transit slip
  • If prompt says “OhioLINK returned” send book back to owning institution or follow prompts to send book to another patron

Note that some items with the status "OhioLINK Received" that cannot be found on the hold shelf will keep appearing on the hold shelf report until the items are found at the owning library or until the annual reconciliation process is completed. It is also possible that these items were handed to patrons without actually being checked out. You may want to check with those patrons to see if they actually received the materials.