Tip of the Week - #053 (What to Do with Multiple Paging Slips for the Same Book)

Keywords: holds, canceling requests

When multiple requests are placed on a single OhioLINK item within a very short timeframe, it is possible that you will get multiple paging slips for a single item.

If the item is already checked out to a different patron, follow these guidelines for canceling the requests as appropriate:

  1. If the requested item is currently more than 10 days overdue or is due more than 10 days in the future, cancel all holds and send the appropriate cancellation notices.

  2. If the above is not true and there are no holds on the item, cancel all but the original hold and send the appropriate cancellation notices.

If the request has disappeared, that usually means that the patron has canceled the request. You can discard the paging slip.

Tip provided by Sue Weldon, Wright State University (edited by Anita, OhioLINK)