Tip of the Week - #056 (Handling Those Paging Slips)

Keywords: paging slips, shipping, returns

As you know, first of all, that you get these on your printers every day and use them to pull the books that need to go out to other libraries.

What you may not know is that there is "proper etiquette" for handling the slips when the materials are ready to go out. First, you should ALWAYS send the paging slip along with the book. This quickly tells the other library which patron has requested it. Second, you should fold the paging slip in half, with the printed side facing out--- one fold only please (again easy access to the information), and lastly always put the slip in the same place (inside the front cover). Please, please, do not make your colleagues at other libraries spend time hunting for the paging slip!

The borrowing library is responsible for seeing that the paging slip is removed before the book is sent back to the home library. This way it doesn't get mistaken as new slip and the book sent right back to the requesting library.

If we can all follow these simple rules, everyone's lives will be a little easier for it.