Tip of the Week - #060 (Please Don't Over pack the Bubbles & Bags!)

Keywords: packing, canvas bags, bubble bags

Remind all packers that there is NO contest for how many books that they can stuff into an bubble envelop or into a canvas bag. Remind them that there are real people (and not weightlifters) at the other end of where the bags go. If you have trouble lifting the bag, then you have put too many books in it. Please use a 2nd bag.

Also, if you stick too many books in a bubble envelope, even though you put them in correctly (i.e. flat side to flat side), but removing them from the bubble bag will require the jaws of life, you put too many in. Use another bubble bag.

And finally, if you can't completely close the canvas bag once you are through packing it (i.e. you can see the books inside from the top), you have put too many books in. Use another bag.

It is okay if you use more than one bag to go to the same institution. Please consider who will need to unpack your bags and bubbles on the other side. Be kind and considerate and practice common sense.