Tip of the Week - #061 (PCIRC Grace Periods)

Keywords: grace period, fines, overdues, maximum fine, billing

All 3 week loans (whether books or microforms) have a built-in 7 day grace period. This should be a part of the loan rule. What this means that fines will not be incurred for the 1st 7 days after the item is overdue. BUT on the 8th day, the patron will accrue fines for the 8th day as well as the first 7 days. This is the way the III system works. We asked that these fines be charged for an overdue return as a inticement to return the PCIRC books on time. How you handle this is a local decision. All fines collected stay with the patron's library.

On the other hand, media material that goes out for 1 week only, does NOT have a grace period. Fines are incurred on the first day the item is overdue.

For items that are billed, the maximum fine is now $50.00. This fine was created purposely to discourage users from keeping the item beyond the billing period.