Tip of the Week - #062 (The status of a PCIRC item on a patron record is 'returned'. What does this mean?)

This means that the item has been checked in at the patron's library and should be back on its way to the owning library. The status does not disappear off the patron record UNTIL it is checked in at the owning library. Then both patron's record and the item record are cleared of any PCIRC statuses at that time.

If you notice a return date that is more than a week old, either you see it on the patron record or have produced a 'return too long' report, this can mean several things: First, you should check with the owning library and see if they can just check it in (it probably got sent back to the shelf without this happening).

If this doesn't work (i.e. checking it in doesn't clear the item), then run the “Returned to Too Long Report” under “INN Reach” Use the report to remove invalid virtual items. If this report fails to clear the status on the patron record, then you need to report this to the helpdesk@iii.com and include the patron's PID and the barcode of the item in question.

  1. Create the Returned Too Long report.

  2. In the Returned Too Long report table, select the check box to the left of each item you

    want to delete from the patron record.

  3. Choose the Remove button or, from the menu bar, choose File | Remove.

  4. Choose Yes to delete the item, No to return to the report without deleting the virtual item from the patron's record.

If you attempt to delete an item with status '@' or '1' at the INN-Reach Central Server, the system displays a Warning dialog box informing you that the item cannot be removed.