Tip of the Week - #064 (Packaging Media Materials)

Keywords: packaging, media

Keep in mind that media materials take special packaging. Please DO NOT put CDs, videos, etc into a bubble envelope without first putting the item in the proper box. The boxes provide extra protection and prevent the item from being damaged.

There are several types of boxes and padding available through OhioLINK including:

  • boxes for regular size VHS videos

  • boxes for CD's (these come with foam padding blocks)

  • boxes for multiple CD's (holds up to 4)

  • boxes for regular size DVD cases

  • boxes for multiple DVDs (holds up to 6)

  • boxes for LP albums (these come with sheets of bubble wrap)

  • boxes for larger miscellaneous media sets, etc. (these are the blue & white "pizza" boxes)

All of these can be ordered fromĀ supplies@lists.ohiolink.edu.

Also, please place the notepad band (the media label/sticker) on the case of the item and NOT on the box as it will tear the box and make it not reusable.

It is important that as we circulate more and more media material that we practice good packaging. Put the media item in a box, pad if necessary (we have foam pads and bubble pads), place in a bubble envelope if it will fit, and then place in the canvas bag. This will assure the item will arrive safely at its destination.