Tip of the Week - #072 (Bubble Bags and Canvas Bags -- Knowing When to Let Go)

Keywords: shipping, bags, bubble bags, canvas bags

As everyone knows now, bubble bags and canvas bags are meant to be re-used multiple times. But once they have reached the end of their usefulness (i.e. are torn, ripped, otherwise mutilated), please feel free to THROW THEM AWAY!. No one is expected to repair them (unless you really have a lot of free time and enjoy such work!). Also, sending them back to OhioLINK to be THROWN AWAY, is not very useful either (unless it is for new rope and/or lock replacement with the canvas bags which can be shipped to OhioLINK Supplies at the State Library of Ohio, Priority stop 250). New bags and bubbles are put into the supply mix on a regular basis and though some sites may be low on supplies, it would be a rare day indeed for all of OhioLINK to be without a bubble bag or canvas bag to ship. So, put away the guilt and if ripped, THROW THEM AWAY.