Tip of the Week - #079 (Damaged Books)

Keywords: damage, Priority Dispatch

First of all as a lender, please do not supply a book that is so fragile that it would be damaged in transit. Just cancel the request and mark the status on the item record as something other than available.

If you receive a book or media item that has been damaged IN TRANSIT (i.e. by Priority Dispatch handling), fill out the OhioLINK Delivery Service Issues form and the form will be sent to Priority Dispatch and OhioLINK for resolution. Priority Dispatch will reimburse you for the damaged book up to $100. If the item cost exceeds $100, you may place a secondary claim with OhioLINK for the remainder. This claim process is for IN TRANSIT damage only. For procedures for patron damage, please see the INN-Reach Reports ("Institutional Overdues/Annual Clean-up" page), Fine Issues Section at the end of the document.

If book is damaged slightly and can be supplied, then please note on the paging slip or bookband what the damage is so that the patron's library knows this before they lend it.

At the patron's institution, if you receive a book that has been damaged and no note appears on the bookband or paging slip, please make a note of this before checking it out to the user.

If a patron returns a book damaged, call the owning library to describe the damage and determine jointly if the item needs to be billed to the patron. The patron library has the right to negotiate for payment or replacement. Money is kept by the patron library. Replacements are sent to the owning library to do with as they please.