Tip of the Week - #082 (Banding PICKUP ANYWHERE)

Keywords: pickup anywhere, bookband

Whenever you loan a “pickup anywhere” item (patron requests pickup at a location other than their home library), please use ONLY the lime green paper band or the lime green post it note band on the item.  Always double check that pickup anywhere items go out with one of these bands and NOT a normal book band, post it note band, or the removable label band. If you are using a removable label band, please mark the band with bright green marker prior to sending it out. Remember, pickup anywhere equals GREEN.  Please band appropriately.  Following this tip will help achieve trouble-free checkouts at the pickup location.

***Another helpful tip is to print the Pickup Anywhere paging slips on bright green paper if you can.  This provides an additional flag to the receiver that the item is a Pickup Anywhere item.*** (suggestion by Dave Elswick, Kent State University)