Tip of the Week - #086 (Handling Visiting Patron Checkouts)

Keywords: visiting patron

The following was contributed by Connie Voss from Ohio State.  It is a good step by step procedure for handling Visiting Patron checkouts.

  1. In Sierra go to Inn Reach 

  2. Go to visitor Patron Check-out

  3. Choose the institution the patron is affiliated with from the drop down menu

  4. Press select

  5. Scan the patron's id or key it in manually

  6. Check out the item by scanning it

  7. Put a book band on it just as you do when you send OhioLINK books out.  At this point, but book is treated like a PCIRC book and is checked out on their local system not yours.

  8. Stamp the band with the due date

  9. Desensitize the item

  10. Inform the patron he/she can return or renew the book at his/her home library