Tip of the Week - #096 (Guidelines for Usage of OhioLINK-supplied PCIRC Supplies)

Keywords: appropriate use, bags, blue envelopes, bubble bags or envelopes, canvas bags, ICS information, labels, packing, PCIRC, policies, shipping, supplies, Priority Dispatch

  1. PCIRC stands for "Patron initiated Circulation" of resources that are made available for borrowing/lending in OhioLINK's online Central Catalog. If your location borrows or lends library materials via the OhioLINK Central Catalog, then you are what we call a "PCIRC location". Materials are shipped statewide via Priority Dispatch. 

  2. Shipping supplies that are available for shipping PCIRC items are the following: (Download OhioLINK supplies guide)

    • Small & large canvas bags

    • Blue article portfolio envelopes

    • Bubble envelopes (sizes #4 small, #5 medium, #6 large, and #7 extra large)

    • Non-book media boxes (single CD, multiple CD, single DVD, multiple DVD, LP, literature box, large miscellaneous “pizza” boxes)

    • Non-book media stickers (both regular & pickup anywhere)

  3. When you need supplies, first request the needed shipping supplies (except for the media stickers which can be requested directly from Supplies) from your PCIRC colleagues using the PCIRC email list. Use the following subject line when requesting supplies on the PCIRC email list: SUPPLIES NEEDED: [list the supplies you need] + [Priority stop number and school name].

  4. If it has been at least 3 days since you posted your request for supplies on the PCIRC email list and you have not received what you need, please request your needed supplies by emailing supplies@lists.ohiolink.edu and the staff at the State Library of Ohio will ship your supplies via Priority. You do not have to wait more than 3 days or make multiple requests to the PCIRC email list. But this does mean that you will need to keep on top of your supplies and make request in advance of completely running out. Allow extra time for this process to work.

  5. Any overstock of supplies should be offered up on the PCIRC email list for others to request. If no one requests them, then you may ship them to the State Library of Ohio via Priority. Ship using the #250, Supplies shipping label.