Tip of the Week - #100 (Subject Wording for PCIRC Messages about Supplies)

Keywords: bags, blue envelope, bubble bags or envelopes, canvas bags, supplies


The following suggestions may help to make the requesting of supplies more efficient:

Standardize the Subject line in the requesting e-mail to: 

SUPPLIES NEEDED: [list the supplies you need] + [Give your courier stop and school name].

When replying to a request in the affirmative:

Reply to the requesting e-mail and change the NEEDED to SENT in the subject line. (If you are only sending one of the items in a multiple item request you can delete the items not sent. 

Standardizing of items needed could be: 

  • Small cargo bags
  • Large cargo bags
  • #____ bubble envelops
  • Blue envelopes
  • CD/DVD Boxes 

This process will have the added benefit of allowing those not responsible for supplies to make rules in their e-mail program to automatically delete or move the e-mails to a folder saving the time it takes to delete the supplies messages one at a time. 

If supplies are requested from the list with no response within 3 days they may be requested from supplies@lists.ohiolink.edu.