Tip of the Week - #104 (Bed Bug Procedure for OhioLINK books)

Keywords: Bed bugs

This procedure is to be followed if you find bed bugs or their eggs on OhioLINK materials that have been shipped to you through the courier:

  1. First, record the infected item’s bibliographic/item information

  2. Seal the infected book in a plastic bag. If you only see bugs in one book, but it was sharing an envelope with another, seal off each book just be safe.

  3. Destroy the envelope and canvas bag that held the infected item. (Bed bugs can be nocturnal and hide in the seams of fabric, so it is best to be extra cautious if you suspect their presence.)

  4. Mail back (as opposed to shipping the item through the OhioLINK ground courier service) the item to the owning library with a clear note addressed to the PCIRC contact describing the situation. You may additionally like to send an email to the PCIRC contact so that he/she will be expecting these items back.

  5. Use the item’s bibliographic information to find out which patron had requested it. Cancel the hold and re-request the material from another library (if possible).

If you receive an infected item back from another school, you will have to update your item record and then either discard the item or find a way to destroy the bugs and eggs. You may want to investigate how the item came to be infested (look for clues—find the last patron, check that call number section, etc.). If you suspect that your library has a bed bug situation it is advised that you contact a pest control service or exterminator.

March 7. 2011

Approved by ICS 5/13/11