Print Lending Frequently Asked Questions

Mar 11, 2022

What is happening with the statewide delivery service vendor?

Collaboration between OhioLINK and the State Library of Ohio libraries to provide access to shared library resources across the state is a unique service for Ohioans. This access to shared materials is paramount to fulfilling our libraries’ missions and remains one of our most-appreciated services. In mid-April 2022, OhioLINK and the State Library of Ohio worked with The Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS) to change our delivery service provider.

When will the new delivery provider begin service?

The new delivery provider began statewide service on April 18. OhioLINK and the State Library of Ohio continue to work closely with the delivery provider to minimize any disruptions to library users.

Where are my requested items? Can they be traced?

The volume and logistics for the statewide delivery service are complex, and unfortunately, our delivery network does not allow for tracking and locating specific user's requests. However, it is not necessary to re-request items if they delayed. Requests remain in the system until they are fulfilled.

If you are a library user and have an urgent need for specific materials, please contact your local librarian to explore alternative formats, titles, and sources.

What is being done to ensure proper handling of materials already in transit?

OhioLINK and The State Library are committed to expediting the return of all materials in transit.

If you are an OhioLINK library staff member, please continue to fill out the Delivery Service Form to notify our vendor of delivery issues. For items lost and/or damaged during our outgoing vendor's service, please submit claims through the vendor's web claims form.

What’s the best way to notify OhioLINK about service issues?

Contact your local library. Your library’s staff submits support tickets to OhioLINK. All reported problems are reviewed and tracked. OhioLINK and the State Library use these tickets to analyze problems and work with the courier on resolutions.

How can I stay up to date on what’s going on with the delivery service?

If you are a library user, the best source of information will be your local librarians.

If you are library staff, OhioLINK and the State Library of Ohio are committed to open and accurate communications. Please stay in touch with your library administration and print circulation supervisors.


Last updated: May 10, 2022