Print Lending Frequently Asked Questions

Aug 22, 2021

Can I borrow printed materials for fall semester?

Yes, but print delivery will not be normal this fall term. Everyone should plan for longer delivery times. If you have hard deadlines that require the use of specific course or research materials, please contact your local institution's librarians to request their assistance in finding alternate sources for your needed materials.

When will things be back to normal?

We cannot tell you when print delivery will return to normal. OhioLINK, the State Library of Ohio, and the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) are working closely with the courier to monitor and resolve delayed deliveries. It is our top priority. Many of the underlying issues affecting deliveries are related to the pandemic, including labor shortages and supply chain issues. 

What if I need materials to meet a deadline or for a specific course? What can I do if I have requested items that are long delayed?

If you are a student or faculty member, your best source of information and assistance is your own institution’s librarians. They may be able to find alternative sources for your needed material. Please do not re-request your delayed materials. Your requests are active in the system until they are completed.

What’s the best way to notify OhioLINK about service issues?

Contact your local library. Your library’s staff is regularly submitting support tickets to OhioLINK. All reported problems are reviewed and tracked. OhioLINK and the State Library use these tickets to analyze problems and work with the courier on resolutions.

How can my local library/librarian help?

Staff at your local library may be able to assist you by finding alternate sources for your needed material. For example, they may be able to locate your material in another format or via out-of-state interlibrary loan.

Where are my items? Can they be traced?

To provide context for the complexity of the logistics involved in the statewide delivery system, we estimate that approximately 70,000 library items are delivered each month. We do not have the RFID technology used by retail logistics systems that enables tracking and locating specific user's requests. However, it is not necessary to re-request items that are delayed. Resolving delivery delays has been the highest priority of OhioLINK and the State Library of Ohio and we are in daily communication with the courier.

What is the courier doing to improve delivery?

The courier is doing many things to get all requested items delivered, including: hiring additional staff at all levels; adjusting the delivery routes to improve service; and working over weekends.

Why did OhioLINK and the State Libray of Ohio change couriers this year?

The contract for the statewide delivery service is a joint contract with the State Library of Ohio and we must follow Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS) guidelines. These state guidelines specify that the delivery service contract is issued for an initial term and with a set number of possible renewals. In this case,  renewals had all been used and we were required to issue a new competitive bid for the delivery service and evaluate vendors for a new contract period starting July 1, 2021. 

As part of the evaluation process, potential vendors were provided with information on the contract requirements and how their proposals for service would be evaluated, including a transition plan, the service plan, and cost. The vendor that provided the best overall response to the request for proposals was selected.