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A vast collection of digital library materials for college students for less than the cost of a single textbook.

OhioLINK is a consortium of 117 Ohio college libraries, including the State Library of Ohio. Delivering a shared digital library, services, and IT infrastructure, OhioLINK acquires high-quality online scholarly journals, books, and databases at a fraction of the cost that would be required if libraries made their own purchases. OhioLINK also funds and facilitates statewide book borrowing among member libraries and manages collaborative efforts aimed at reducing the cost of higher education for students.

OhioLINK is a part of the Ohio Technology Consortium (OH-TECH), the information and technology division of the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

Serving Ohioans

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Member Institutions

Learn about all 89 OhioLINK member institutions, located throughout Ohio.

A map of OhioLINK member institutions throughout the State of Ohio


The OhioLINK Digital Library supports learning and research.

Electronic Journal Center

Peer-reviewed research articles from top publishers and university presses.

Electronic Theses & Dissertations Center

Open access theses and dissertations from 36 Ohio institutions.

Central Catalog

More than 44 million member-owned items that can be shared among member libraries.

Open Course Content Library

Open educational resources to adapt and use as no-cost course materials.

OhioLINK eTutoring

Flexible online tutoring and writing reviews for undergraduate students.


OhioLINK expertise increases efficiencies and reduces workloads at individual institutions.

Licensing & Analytics

Analysis and negotiation to support purchasing digital library materials at the best price.

Discovery & Delivery

Management of technology that delivers print and digital information to users.

Operations & Platforms

Planning and management of digital content sites and member support.

Affordable Learning Ohio

Initiatives that reduce student textbook costs through affordable course materials.

eTutoring Collaborative

Ohio’s online tutoring program, free for undergraduate students.

Ohio’s commitment to affordability and efficiency for higher education is demonstrated through OhioLINK’s achievements—providing academic research resources for less, controlling costs, supporting operational efficiencies, and fueling the research that helps drive Ohio’s economy.

24/7 Student Resources Made Affordable by OhioLINK

The best price for the right resources

OhioLINK streamlines management of library services and leverages its aggregated purchasing power to negotiate deep discounts for shared digital scholarly content. In 2021, the national average cost increase for journal packages was 3.2%. OhioLINK‘s journal packages increased only 1.1%.

  • No other academic library consortium provides such a comprehensive Digital Library across all types of institutions—from research universities to private and two-year colleges.
  • On average, members can afford up to four times more content than if acting alone.
  • OhioLINK monitors usage of resources and analyzes the value of purchases to ensure the best use of funds.
  • Students saved $14 million in 2021 using OhioLINK’s hybrid approach to low/no-cost textbooks and Open Educational Resources.
Infographic showing digital library downloads in 2021, specifically 14.3 million e-books, 13.7 million e-journals, 11.9 million e-theses and dissertations and 5.2 million databases.

Impact & Savings

Every OhioLINK member—from the large research universities to small independents and two-year colleges—has equitable access to high-quality scholarly content.

1.1 interactions per second. Students, faculty and staff interact with OhioLINK resources 33,356,390 times a year
OhioLINK delivers its print and e-content for $50.39 per student
$2,230,338. Open access article publishing charges waived for authors from 32 OhioLINK institutions in 2022.
In 2021 OhioLINK negotiations saved $1.1 billion, a 97% discount on publishers' list price


More no-cost-to-student teaching materials with GEER funding

Additional Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) funding allowed OhioLINK to purchase four new collections of shared digital books and streaming video. GEER is part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which authorized federal economic aid in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

OhioLINK grants help faculty switch to no-cost course materials

OhioLINK awarded more than $17,000 to 29 faculty members from 15 Ohio colleges to help them learn about teaching with no-cost course materials. These grants could save more than 4,000 students as much as $300,000 per year as a result of instructors switching to Open Educational Resources (OER) or library materials to teach their classes.

Enabling Stability & Progress

OhioLINK has never been a more critical resource for member institutions. The consortium assures its libraries of ongoing access to core academic content at an affordable cost, while easing the local administrative and technical burdens.

For 30 years, OhioLINK’s innovative approach for Ohio higher education has made it one of the most respected library consortia in the country. Working with more than 500 library staff on its policy and implementation teams, OhioLINK is able to develop systemic approaches that help all Ohio academic libraries, such as:

  • analyzing trends and data so that it acquires the right library content and course materials
  • creating equitable access to resources, no matter the size or geography of the institution
  • connecting OhioLINK’s active community to share best practices and collectively address issues that no one library could tackle alone
  • supporting affordable learning options that lowers textbook costs for the most students
  • making Ohio attractive for research by giving hiring committees a powerful recruiting tool for top-tier graduate students and faculty
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