Off-Campus Log-in Troubleshooting (Remote Authentication)

Listed below are answers to some of the most common problems that people encounter when authenticating. This list is not inclusive but it may address your problem. Otherwise, please contact staff at your campus library.

Try this first: Doing these three simple things resolves many problems.

When authenticating, the screen indicates that I have successfully authenticated, but when I select a database, the system returns me to the authentication screen.

  1. First check to see if your browser accepts cookies. OhioLINK places a cookie temporarily on your browser. This cookie contains the information necessary for you to gain access to the databases. Without it you will not be able to access any OhioLINK databases even though you have successfully authenticated. To check to see if your browser does accept cookies click on CHECK BROWSER. If your browser is not set to accept cookies, then you will need to enable this function in order to use OhioLINK resources.
  2. If #1 is not applicable to your situation, then check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Some commercial ISPs block the cookie. In other words, you have successfully authenticated and have a cookie, but the ISP does not allow you to send it.
  3. Lastly, if you are coming from a business or work location or have installed a personal firewall at home, please be aware that unless certain ports are opened on the firewall, it will block you from accessing OhioLINK databases. The required ports are listed HERE. If you are still having problems, contact your local library for help.

Why do I need to accept a "cookie" from OhioLINK?

We use the cookie during your session to open the doors for you into the databases that you desire to use. Without it you would be most likely asked for a login and password to use each database. The cookie is temporary, stays resident on your computer for up to two hours, and contains only minimum information. See OhioLINK's Privacy Policy regarding our use of cookies.

My institution requires that I enter a designated ID number and possibly a PIN in order to authenticate. Who do I contact to find out about this information?

This information can only be provided by the circulation department at your campus library.

I enter my name and ID number, but I get the error message: authentication failed.

Please try again. You will get this message if you have accidentally typed your name incorrectly, entered your name in the wrong order (this varies by institution, please check the instructions for entering the name), mistyped your ID number (or PIN) or entered the wrong ID number or PIN. Please note the instructions for correctly entering your ID number. You will also get this message if your record at your campus library has reached or surpassed its expiration date. If you believe you have entered all the data correctly, but still get this error message, contact your campus library circulation department to see if either your record has expired or the information has changed.

I am trying to authenticate but I keep getting the message: "Cannot connect to the remote server".

This message will appear when the OhioLINK authentication is trying to verify your information in your campus library database. If the local network on campus is down or the library server is not available, you will get this message. You will not be able to authenticate until the problem is resolved. Contact your campus library for more information.


Updated September 2022