Tip of the Week - #013 (PCIRC statistics - where do they come from?)

Keywords: statistics

The monthly statistics that are posted to the PCIRC list come from a report on the central catalog that records all requests and fulfillments. If you want to download monthly/annual reports, go to the OhioLINK Web Reports page.

If you need PCIRC fulfillment or request reports covering time spans different from the ones available, please email support@ohiolink.edu with the type of report you need along with the start and end months you would like included.

The Web Management Reports page hosted by Innovative should only be used for data after 2020. INN-Reach data was lost prior to 2020 and the reports are not reliable. 

The Web Management Reports have several standard reports where you can define your own time frames. It tracks requests as well as fulfillments, cancellations, and transfers. Except for the Cancellation Report, all these reports are in a table form so that you can track both the borrowing institution as well as the lending institution (who lends to who). You can choose a variety of date ranges including inputting your own range.

Be PATIENT when viewing the reports. They are quite large and can take a while to pull up. If you get a "page not found" or similar message when trying to download this report this usually means that your local network is timing out before the report has finished compiling and is ready to download. Try again at a low network use time like early morning. 

This report can be downloaded into a delimited file that can be opened in Excel. This is also where you can figure your own fulfillment rate if you are so inclined. Just divide your fulfillments with the number of requests and you get your percentage fulfilled. These reports are there for everyone to use as much as you want.