Tip of the Week - #075 (Adding new itypes, ptypes and status codes)

Keywords: status, requests, mapping, local use

ANY new ptype or itype needs to be sent to OhioLINk to be mapped centrally (submit a ticket). 

The 'local use only' display in the Central Catalog does NOT come from your local location code. It comes from your local STATUS CODE. When you add a new status code locally that will be mapped to the Central Catalog using the actual single letter code and not the display you have defined for it locally. See this page for how the codes are interpreted at central.


The Central Catalog NEVER looks at your local location codes when determining whether something is requestable or not. It DOES look at the itype. So, if you don't want something to be requestable centrally but circulate locally then change the itype to something that maps to a non-requestable itype at central. The following itypes are available at central. Only 200, 208, and 209 are requestable.