OhioLINK brings its Electronic Book Center into the 21st century

Jan 6, 2021

COLUMBUS, Ohio – OhioLINK, Ohio’s statewide academic library consortium, has partnered with BiblioBoard to implement a major update to its electronic book platform. Released December 30th, the modernized Electronic Book Center (EBC) provides an improved user experience, including digital accessibility, and mobile compatibility. BiblioBoard technology supports user-friendly browsing, searching, list-making, note-taking, bookmarking, online reading, and downloading of e-books and e-chapters on a variety of devices. The EBC’s 180,000 e-books can be accessed via any web connection to support scholarly research, and also can be used by faculty as no-cost textbooks to reduce the financial burden of attending college. Students and faculty downloaded OhioLINK’s e-books more than 13 million times in 2020.

“The current virtual learning environment, with potentially limited access to library print books, has underscored the importance of making OhioLINK’s e-books easy to use,” said OhioLINK Executive Director Amy Pawlowski. “BiblioBoard delivers great e-book interactions and we think users will be very happy.” User feedback from two Beta test periods  was incorporated into the December 30 release.

User experience has changed significantly since OhioLINK developed the EBC in 2007—when all access was through a desktop computer. Students’ expectations are now shaped by ubiquitous consumer technology, such as Netflix, Amazon, and mobile apps. Authenticated users can access the EBC via all major browsers and mobile apps available on iOS 8+, Android 4+ and Kindle Fire HD.

Since online access to such library content is now the norm, expanding inclusivity through digital accessibility was a critically important aspect of the update. BiblioBoard’s platform is Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 compliant, and accommodates all users, regardless of hearing, sight, movement, or cognitive abilities. Examples of digital accessibility include offering text or audio alternatives for graphics or images, allowing use of the keyboard instead of a cursor, and compatibility with assistive technologies.

“We have always prioritized simplicity and user experience,” said BiblioLabs CEO Mitchell Davis. The Charleston, SC-based company serves many kinds of libraries and statewide consortia through its award-winning BiblioBoard technology. Davis challenges publishers to produce e-book content that utilizes all the interactive features that digital technology such as BiblioBoard can enable. “E-books can offer readers a much more engaging reading experience than static print pages, such as sharing links to related information and video,” Davis said.

All e-book collections from the legacy EBC are available in the updated platform, as well as new content from Wiley and Springer Protocols (for OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center subscribers). In addition to adding user friendly features, the move to the new platform improves OhioLINK’s ability to manage its shared e-book content so that all its locally owned e-books are in sync with OhioLINK’s Central Catalog and the publishers’ sites. BiblioBoard’s robust infrastructure and graphical user interface also will be regularly updated to ensure users have access to the latest technology.

The Electronic Book Center (EBC) is only one of OhioLINK’s suite of digital library resources that support higher education students and faculty with e-books, scholarly electronic journal articles, databases, and open access theses and dissertations. OhioLINK’s theses and dissertation platform also is undergoing a major update that will be completed in summer 2021.

Additional technical information for OhioLINK member library staff can be found here on OhioLINK’s intranet, Ostaff (log-in required).

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