Reporting Problems

Is This An Emergency?

An OhioLINK emergency is when an OhioLINK database or service is unavailable for all users.

  • The database has an address of *; and
  • The error message suggests that the server might be down, e.g.
    • The connection was refused when attempting to contact
    • could not be found”, or “We can't find”


  • The problem applies to multiple users or multiple computers; and
  • You can access other servers, ruling out a local network problem.

To report this emergency during weekday business hours (M - F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm), please e-mail with a full description of the problem, or call 614-485-6722.

Outside of weekday business hours, if it is an emergency, please call the OARnet Service Desk at 1-800-627-6420. Please identify the report as an OhioLINK issue and give them the name of your institution/branch (not the library name).

For non-emergency problems, please complete a Problem Report Form, or e-mail

Databases Outside the OhioLINK Domain

  • Database is listed on the OhioLINK website, but
  • Is not under direct OhioLINK management (not a * address)

During business hours, please call OhioLINK at 614-485-6722. OhioLINK staff will contact the vendor to report the problem.

After business hours, check the vendor’s website and see if you can find a support phone there to call.