Introduction to Consortial Deduplication in GOBI and OhioLINK’s Cambridge University Press Evidence-Based Acquisitions (EBA)

Title slide for the presetation.
Jul 23, 2020

OhioLINK member institutions now have unlimited access to 8,500+ Cambridge University Press Cambridge Core e-books through an innovative Evidence-Based Acquisition agreement. The agreement provides unlimited subscription-access to the e-books for five years, and also allows OhioLINK to purchase a subset of these e-books for permanent access. Like other OhioLINK e-book packages, this new EBA package is run through GOBI, in order to allow libraries to avoid unintended duplicate purchases locally. This presentation is targeted at librarians who work with book purchasing and the GOBI system. It will address how consortial deduplication for OhioLINK’s book packages works in GOBI, with specific examples from the new Cambridge EBA package.

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