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Database Improvement and Discoverability (DIAD) Policy Team was Database Management and Standards Committee (DMSC). Changes will take effect in 2018. 

Charge: Focuses on metadata as it relates to integration between shared systems and local systems, authority work, database integrity and impact of displays and searching of metadata on end users in shared or integrated systems. Responsible, as appropriate, for evaluating OhioLINK central and contributing ILS/LMS systems as they relate to managing shared metadata.

Expertise of Team Members: Catalogers, systems staff, technical services staff with the appropriate knowledge of cataloging, database standards, and cross‐platform integration. It is strongly recommended that there be consistent input from public services staff and staff with UX or usability training whenever a change is made that affects end users, or that Deans and Directors consider appointing a team member from their institution with relevant expertise.


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